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Name Maratsmota
Services Offered Maratsmota
Organization/Company Maratsmota
Name Carlton Abreu
Organization/Company Star T 1 Abreu Consulting
Name Ian Agar
Organization/Company Agar & Agar LLC
Name Arleen Aguilar
Organization/Company Aguilar & Aguilar LLC
Name Thalia Aguilar
Organization/Company Inoxcamlockfittings Quick Coupler Adapter & Thalia Holding
Name Ahmed Aguilera
Organization/Company Ahmed Ltd
Name Brayden Allan
Organization/Company Thefinalwaltz Brayden LLC
Name Diana Alleyne
Organization/Company Alleyne LLC
Name Dawn Almeida
Organization/Company Chartterbox GmbH
Name Renate Ashcraft
Organization/Company Ashcraft Ltd
Name Genesis Atchley
Organization/Company Genesis Genesis mbH
Name Natisha Atkins
Organization/Company Atkins CO KG
Name Moises Baragwanath
Organization/Company Moises samsung phone parts & Baragwanath Holding
Name Noa Barankin
Services Offered Performances and workshops.
Organization/Company DrumatiX
Bio DrumatiX is a tap dance and percussion company that specializes in tap, body percussion and drumming on/with various found objects, funky props, large drums, barrels and buckets, some technology, audience interaction and plenty of humor! The DrumatiX shows are engaging and dynamic; the company is on the roster for Young Audiences of MA - performing in K-12 educational programs. DrumatiX also performs for corporate events, theatres, festivals and private events/celebrations. The performances by the company are customizable in length and are adaptable to the type of audience or venue where the performances are held.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Aurora Barcenas
Organization/Company Barcenas crystal trophy & Aurora AG
Name Maritza Barrier
Organization/Company Barrier mbH
Name Leslie Barton
Organization/Company Barton female camlock fitting Ltd
Name Bradly Bartos
Organization/Company Bradly Bradly Ltd
Name Sebastian Baskett
Organization/Company Baskett mbH
Name Helene Batman
Organization/Company Helene Batman Consulting
Name Valarie Baxter
Organization/Company Baxter & Baxter Consulting
Name Elisa Bear
Organization/Company Bear buy lidocaine patches uk Consulting
Name Katrin Begg
Organization/Company Zyczenia Swiateczne answering & Katrin mbH
Name Esmeralda Beike
Organization/Company Esmeralda glass trophy Holding
Name Dolly Belanger
Organization/Company Belanger CO KG
Name Adelaida Bellingshausen
Organization/Company Bellingshausen GbR
Name Harvey Berg
Organization/Company Berg samsung mobile phone spares Harvey Ltd
Name Beryl Bernacchi
Organization/Company Bernacchi hanger shoe store Solutions
Name Pat Bigge
Organization/Company Onlinedatingseiten offal & Bigge Ltd
Name Lynell Boothman
Organization/Company Itshirtsonline & Boothman GbR
Name Denny Boyles
Organization/Company Factory Genevievebryant & Denny CO KG
Name Mitchell Brannon
Organization/Company Inoxcamlockfittings GbR
Name Latashia Breaux
Organization/Company Latashia Breaux mbH
Name Major Brenan
Organization/Company Major 阀门配件 & Major CO KG
Name Danny Breton
Organization/Company Danny Breton GbR
Name Matthew Breton
Services Offered I work with the City of Boston as technical director for the Strand Theater, overseeing lighting, sound, and stage operations for 200+ events each year. My background is principally in lighting design for dance, with over fifteen years' experience in the greater Boston and New England area.
Organization/Company Design for Theater and Dance
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Stanley Bright
Organization/Company Stanley red copper electric grill & Stanley Holding
Name Siobhan Brindley
Organization/Company Outlet Johniesbroiler boutique maillot foot Brindley GbR
Name Lettie Burchett
Organization/Company Burchett & Lettie Holding
Name Bill Burrow
Organization/Company Bill Bill mbH
Name Leona Bustamante
Organization/Company Bustamante GbR
Name Shirleen Campos
Organization/Company Shirleen aluminum camlock coupling Campos Holding
Name Scotty Carey
Organization/Company Carey Scotty CO KG
Name Philomena Carl
Organization/Company Philomena quick coupler hose connection GmbH
Name Aleisha Carper
Organization/Company Lasvur Holding
Name Breanna Carrington
Organization/Company Carrington Breanna CO KG
Name Rudolph Casner
Organization/Company Rudolph Services
Name Callie Chapman
Services Offered
Video Technician/Designer

Organization/Company Studio at 550
Bio Studio at 550 is a multidisciplinary artist exchange organization founded in 2016.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Samira Chauvin
Organization/Company Chauvin 球墨铸铁件 & Chauvin Ltd
Name Scot Cheesman
Organization/Company Cheesman & Cheesman GmbH
Name Edward Cissell
Organization/Company Comebuying swimwear for flat chested GmbH
Name Martin Clawson
Organization/Company Clawson maglie calcio poco prezzo Martin Ltd
Name Chandra Cobbs
Organization/Company Lager Stoneleatherwood & Cobbs mbH
Name Reta Collings
Organization/Company Collings Steel Casting Manufacturer Reta Services
Name Steve Connely
Organization/Company Frshirtsonline site maillot de foot pas cher Connely AG
Name Valeria Coode
Organization/Company Coode Coode Solutions
Name Adrianna Correa
Organization/Company Adrianna LLC
Name Olive Cottle
Organization/Company Olive & Olive GbR
Name Athena Coupp
Organization/Company Coupp forex demo hesap nedir Solutions
Name Brayden Covey
Organization/Company Castermetal sand casting parts & Covey Services
Name Bryant Creed
Organization/Company Bryant GbR
Name Ali Crittenden
Organization/Company Bayrakavm Crittenden GmbH
Name Lilla Crotty
Organization/Company Miyuecrystal crystal awards Lilla Ltd
Name Benjamin Cuba
Services Offered Dance Accompaniment
Bio Ben Cuba is a multi-instrumentalist, accompanist, and composer based in the Boston area. He works as a ballet pianist and dance-class accompanist for Boston Conservatory, Emerson College, Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, Deborah Mason School of Dance, The Dance Complex, and other places. He has composed music for Heather Brown Dance and Back Attitude Dance. He plays bass for the band Midnight Motion.  He also writes and records his solo work under the name The Bay of Pigs.  You can find all of his music at
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Twyla Cunneen
Organization/Company Twyla voetbalshirt sale Services
Name Pasquale Curry
Organization/Company Shunchengvalve ShunCheng Globe Valve & Curry AG
Name Everette Darrell
Organization/Company Darrell tank connectors & Everette GbR
Name Alva Davitt
Organization/Company Alva where to buy lidocaine topical & Alva mbH
Name Quyen Davitt
Organization/Company Quyen LLC
Name Hannah De Hamel
Organization/Company De Hamel haskins Solutions
Name Leta De Rougemont
Organization/Company De Rougemont & Leta Services
Name Alphonso Dejesus
Organization/Company Alphonso Dejesus LLC
Name Damaris Delprat
Organization/Company Damaris & Delprat GmbH
Name Iola Denby
Organization/Company Castermetal Consulting
Name Britney Desantis
Organization/Company Desantis Desantis GbR
Name Eloy Dibble
Organization/Company Dejtingsida Dibble Consulting
Name Cathy Dieter
Organization/Company Cathy CO KG
Name Roman Dietrich
Organization/Company Roman & Dietrich Holding
Name Dotty Divine
Organization/Company Dotty Dotty GbR
Name Lucille Dodd
Organization/Company Bookie 7 & Dodd mbH
Name Hassan Dodds
Organization/Company Dodds samsung phone parts & Dodds GmbH
Name Arnette Dominguez
Organization/Company Class Notowaste Arnette Solutions
Name Tyrell Duigan
Organization/Company Duigan & Tyrell Solutions
Name Carrie Dunckley
Organization/Company Cowerdesign & Dunckley mbH
Name Suzanne Dupont
Organization/Company Suzanne Consulting
Name Gladis Dupre
Organization/Company Onlinebenzocaine & Dupre Holding
Name Erna Dyke
Organization/Company Dyke Erna Ltd
Name Hannelore Earnshaw
Organization/Company Hannelore siti maglie calcio & Hannelore Consulting
Name Aileen Eastin
Organization/Company Castermetal pressure die casting & Eastin AG
Name Dante Etienne
Organization/Company Phonepartsfactory & Etienne Services
Name Brianna Eudy
Organization/Company Eudy Ltd
Name Georgianna Farias
Organization/Company Miyuecrystal Farias CO KG
Name Cheryle Fehon
Organization/Company Immanuel Com & Cheryle GbR
Name Liam Fitzpatrick
Services Offered Dancer, choreographer, producer
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Buster Flemming
Organization/Company Flemming glass awards & Buster AG
Name Maggie Foletta
Organization/Company Maggie LLC
Name Percy Forth
Organization/Company Forth Forth LLC
Name Dawn Fox
Organization/Company Castermetal sand casting AG
Name Jeramy Franki
Organization/Company Franki swimwear for flat chested & Jeramy AG
Name Mindy Gage
Organization/Company Gage buy lidocaine for animals Services
Name Harriett Garrido
Organization/Company Harriett buy 1 lidocaine with epinephrine Garrido Ltd
Name Pansy Girardi
Organization/Company Girardi Girardi Holding
Name Ivory Godley
Organization/Company Ivory glass awards & Godley Holding
Name Deloras Gough
Organization/Company Gough & Gough CO KG
Name Sheri Granata
Organization/Company Lulus Granata Consulting
Name Bryon Greenberg
Organization/Company Bryon Bryon Services
Name Lily Greenberg
Organization/Company Greenberg voetbalshirt kopen Greenberg Solutions
Name Shanna Greer
Organization/Company Onlinebenzocaine can i buy lidocaine online & Shanna LLC
Name Rhoda Gresham
Organization/Company Rhoda & Rhoda GbR
Name Dominik Gutierrez
Organization/Company Dominik Flexible Copper Busbar GbR
Name Jaime Gutteridge
Organization/Company Inoxcamlockfittings GbR
Name Dorris Hain
Organization/Company Dorris buy benzocaine lidocaine tetracaine Dorris LLC
Name Willian Hambleton
Organization/Company Willian glass awards Willian GmbH
Name Iva Hardison
Organization/Company Hardison copper shunt & Hardison Consulting
Name Maisie Hardy
Organization/Company Hardy fotbollströjor 2021 Hardy LLC
Name Frederick Harrell
Organization/Company Frederick Harrell mbH
Name Veta Harriet
Organization/Company Harriet hvor kan man kjøpe fotballdrakter GbR
Name Lee Hayman
Organization/Company Lee buy lidocaine powder cheap & Lee GmbH
Name Rosaria Hedberg
Organization/Company Rosaria fotballdrakter salg GmbH
Name Epifania Hedges
Organization/Company Bestedatingsite Hedges Services
Name Susan Heiden
Organization/Company Susan & Heiden Solutions
Name Hwa Heimbach
Organization/Company Heimbach Heimbach GmbH
Name Jesus Helbig
Organization/Company Jesus CO KG
Name Barney Her
Organization/Company Castermetal sand casting parts LLC
Name Gisele Hersh
Organization/Company Hersh gravity die casting LLC
Name Geoffrey Hildreth
Organization/Company Hildreth buy lidocaine cream & Hildreth mbH
Name Shirley Holmes
Organization/Company Shirley shuncheng acoples camlock Holmes LLC
Name Verena Howes
Organization/Company Verena & Howes GbR
Name Klaudia Hume
Organization/Company Klaudia maglie calcio scontate & Klaudia Ltd
Name Bev Humphreys
Organization/Company Bev udsalg fodboldtrøjer CO KG
Name Charles Hutt
Organization/Company Charles can you buy lidocaine at walmart & Charles AG
Name Jackson Iredale
Organization/Company Iredale Jackson AG
Name Lee Ives
Organization/Company Castermetal Ives Consulting
Name Trevor Jamieson
Organization/Company Store Enviotech Com & Jamieson CO KG
Name Davis Kane
Organization/Company Davis Consulting
Name Kieran Keiser
Organization/Company Keiser shuncheng quality gate valves Kieran Solutions
Name Hosea Keith
Organization/Company Keith maglie calcio thailandia & Hosea GmbH
Name Kenton Kersey
Organization/Company Kersey fodboldtrøjer gratis tryk & Kersey Holding
Name Octavio Knox
Organization/Company Knox Knox GmbH
Name Ruben Knudsen
Organization/Company Knudsen & Knudsen Holding
Name Kandis Knudson
Organization/Company Chartterbox voetbalshirt met eigen naam Consulting
Name Ivan Korn
Services Offered
Audio Technician/Designer
Director - Music

Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Eden Kotai
Organization/Company Eden & Kotai Consulting
Name Krista Kula
Organization/Company Comebuying & Kula Ltd
Name Cody Lacey
Organization/Company Cody samsung phone parts Cody Solutions
Name Hayley Lantz
Organization/Company Sales Acasadagandara maglie di calcio Hayley Holding
Name Williemae Lasseter
Organization/Company Lasseter Ltd
Name Selena Lawry
Organization/Company Selena samsung galaxy phone accessories GmbH
Name Kurt Ledger
Organization/Company Kurt hoskins mbH
Name Kayleigh Lewin
Organization/Company Lewin CO KG
Name Faustino Lindrum
Organization/Company Phonepartsfactory samsung mobile parts & Faustino LLC
Name Mathias Looney
Organization/Company Mathias maglie calcio originali a poco prezzo & Looney CO KG
Name Henry Louis
Services Offered


About Singing Demos:

Singing Demos is a trusted studio where you can go for recording voice reel.

For more information, visit

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Available for Contract Work

Name Epifania Loveless
Organization/Company Loveless benzocaine for sale suppliers & Loveless Ltd
Name Brent Luker
Organization/Company Luker sand casting parts Luker GmbH
Name Aline Lyttleton
Organization/Company Aline ductile cast iron Aline mbH
Name Marissa MacCarthy
Organization/Company Marissa sand casting parts Services
Name Andra MacCullagh
Organization/Company Andra ComeBuying Electronics CO KG
Name Teresita MacGregor
Organization/Company Teresita billige fodboldtrøjer salg & Teresita GbR
Name Gia Macias
Organization/Company Gia red off the shoulder bandage dress & Gia Ltd
Name Ned Maclean
Organization/Company Maclean gravity die casting Maclean AG
Name Arnulfo MacMahon
Organization/Company Arnulfo Indoor Outdoor Lighting & Arnulfo Solutions
Name Hung Macnamara
Organization/Company Herveleger black herve dress Hung GmbH
Name Natalia Maldari
Services Offered Open ballet classes, pointe class, private dance lessons
Bio Natalia Maldari trained at New England Civic Ballet in Lawrence MA, before attending Goucher College where she studied Ballet, Modern, and Choreography. Since 2011 she has been teaching children and young adults in various forms of dance in the Boston area. Having subbed open classes at The Dance Complex for local teachers Anna Myer and Molly Wheat, she began teaching her own adult classes virtually during the COVID pandemic. Offerings include Beginning and Easy Intermediate Ballet as well as a Pointe strengthening class.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for Contract Work

Name Eliza Malecki
Services Offered
Assistant Stage Manager
Costume Designer
Stage Manager

Bio Boston based dancer, choreographer, and arts administrator.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Coral Manns
Organization/Company Coral & Manns Consulting
Name Teresa Mansfield
Organization/Company Grassrootsinpower Solutions
Name Billie Marina
Organization/Company Billie designa egna fotbollströjor Services
Name Alisia Marou
Organization/Company Apparel Bossardpartner Alisia Holding
Name Dick Marshall
Organization/Company Marshall ComeBuying Electronics & Marshall Services
Name Bobbie Mathy
Organization/Company Bobbie & Mathy Consulting
Name Rosetta Matson
Organization/Company Matson glass awards Matson GbR
Name Pablo McAnulty
Organization/Company McAnulty & McAnulty GbR
Name Tricia McCafferty
Organization/Company McCafferty billige fodboldtrøjer Tricia CO KG
Name Nadia McClean
Organization/Company McClean & Nadia Consulting
Name Hattie Mccrory
Organization/Company Mccrory & Mccrory GmbH
Name Candelaria McGuirk
Organization/Company Candelaria McGuirk Solutions
Name Ted McLean
Organization/Company Forum Evony can you buy lidocaine over the counter mbH
Name Fredric McLeish
Organization/Company Fredric Fredric CO KG
Name Curtis McLucas
Organization/Company Castermetal aluminum casting manufacturers & McLucas Consulting
Name Chi McNab
Organization/Company Chi McNab GmbH
Name Andre Mcnabb
Organization/Company Loving Relationship how to get your boyfriend to want you again Mcnabb LLC
Name Lora Mcneal
Organization/Company Ad Apppash Ltd
Name Wendi Means
Organization/Company Castermetal 五金冲压件 Wendi Solutions
Name Lizzie Medlock
Organization/Company Medlock fodboldtrøjer til børn tilbud & Medlock GmbH
Name Ashely Mendelsohn
Organization/Company Mendelsohn fotballdrakter med trykk Ashely Solutions
Name Junko Mennell
Organization/Company Junko & Mennell Holding
Name Alex Mercado
Organization/Company Mercado crystal trophy & Alex mbH
Name Don Merriam
Organization/Company Miyuecrystal & Don Consulting
Name Claudette Michaelis
Organization/Company Beste Datingsite Consulting
Name Nigel Morse
Organization/Company Nigel & Nigel AG
Name Cheri Mosley
Organization/Company Lager Stoneleatherwood billige fodboldtrøjer Mosley mbH
Name Bridget Mota
Organization/Company Butikk Palmodelproducts Ltd
Name Florrie Mota
Organization/Company Mota fodbold trøjer Mota CO KG
Name Gilbert Mueller
Organization/Company Mueller AG
Name Lavon Muirden
Organization/Company Lavon buy lidocaine online uk & Muirden Holding
Name Rochelle Murillo
Organization/Company Murillo mbH
Name Bobbye Murphy
Organization/Company Castermetal & Murphy Services
Name Mina Murray
Services Offered Dance lessons
Organization/Company Boston Academy of Burlesque Education
Available for Virtual Events

Name Belinda Nagel
Organization/Company Nagel aluminum camlock couplings GmbH
Name Rafael Natan
Services Offered Interdisciplinary Arts and Education Classes
Organization/Company School of Arts and Social Justice at Make Shift Boston
Bio Founded at the beginning of the COVID_19 pandemic, the School of Arts and Social Justice at Make Shift Boston is a series of free online classes by local community leaders who’s work spans the intersections between community organizing and artistic disciplines.
Available for Virtual Events

Name Niklas Necaise
Organization/Company Niklas GmbH
Name Cristina Nevile
Organization/Company Cristina & Cristina LLC
Name Tahlia Nickson
Organization/Company Itshirtsonline Nickson mbH
Name Warner Nussbaum
Organization/Company Warner Warner Consulting
Name Antoinette Nyhan
Organization/Company Antoinette Consulting
Name Alisia Ogle
Organization/Company Alisia Consulting
Name Luciana Ono
Organization/Company Ono & Ono Solutions
Name Dominik Ontiveros
Organization/Company Dominik Ltd
Name Garry Ormond
Organization/Company Shunchengvalve ShunCheng Quality Gate Valves Garry Consulting
Name Jake Osborn
Organization/Company Jake camiseta futbol niño Osborn Ltd
Name Art Papst
Organization/Company Papst & Papst GmbH
Name Shasta Patch
Organization/Company Shasta Solutions
Name Erlinda Pearse
Organization/Company Onlinedatingsite GmbH
Name Woodrow Pemberton
Organization/Company Supplybenzocaine Co lidocaine to buy Consulting
Name Candida Penny
Organization/Company Penny crystal awards & Candida Services
Name Valeria Perron
Organization/Company Valeria Valeria CO KG
Name Stephen Petrilli
Services Offered
Lighting Designer/Operator
Stage Manager

Organization/Company Freelance lighting designer @

Stephen Petrilli is a Boston based lighting designer with over 45 years of experience in theatre, dance, opera, music and touring.

He has designed shows for Anikaya Dance Theater, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Nathan Trice/Rituals, Prometheus Dance, Doppelganger Dance Collective, Noche Flamenca, Zoe Dance, Shapiro & Smith Dance, Ailey II and The Kevin Wynn Collection.  He also spent five years touring as the Lighting/Sound Supervisor for Pilobolus and has stage managed six seasons of Dance Africa at BAM.

Theatre credits include work for Bridge Rep of Boston, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket, Arlekin Players' Theatre, Provincetown Theater, Gloucester Stage, The Pearl Theatre Company, NAATCo, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and The Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Damaris Pickard
Organization/Company Shunchengvalve GmbH
Name Finley Pie
Organization/Company Finley sand casting manufacturers GbR
Name Erin Pogue
Organization/Company Pogue buy lidocaine hcl Holding
Name Lavina Pratten
Organization/Company Pratten fodboldtrøjer tilbud Pratten AG
Name Nolan Prenzel
Organization/Company Prenzel pożyczka gotówkowa GmbH
Name Ethel Prescott
Organization/Company Ethel Services
Name Clay Proffitt
Organization/Company Aegeancollege Aegean College & Proffitt GmbH
Name Lena Pumphrey
Organization/Company Lena Stainless Steel Ball GbR
Name Mable Randell
Organization/Company Inoxcamlockfittings & Randell GmbH
Name Jared Ranking
Organization/Company Ranking fodboldtrøjer til børn Jared GmbH
Name Anton Rawlins
Organization/Company Herveleger red herve leger dress CO KG
Name Orlando Riddick
Organization/Company Teki Novevibracije buy lidocaine spray online GbR
Name Jermaine Rodarte
Organization/Company Jermaine Consulting
Name Ismael Rodgers
Organization/Company Abs Wintherskaffe comprar camiseta de futbol Solutions
Name Mohamed Rodman
Organization/Company Rodman Mohamed GmbH
Name Wanda Rolph
Organization/Company Wanda AG
Name Taren Romeo
Organization/Company Romeo aluminium busbar & Romeo Holding
Name Iman Rose Louis-Jeune
Services Offered
Audio Technician/Designer
Lighting Designer/Operator
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Video Technician/Designer

Available for Virtual Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Noli Rosen
Services Offered

Organization/Company wild woman birthkeepers
Bio Noli is a dancer, teacher & choreographer based in Arlington. Her work focuses on relationships, specifically relating to womanhood. She is passionate about bringing functional movement into all parts of life, and teaching dance in a way that builds integrated strength, connection with the body, joy, and human connection. In addition to her work as a dancer, Noli is an authentic midwife, and serves women in all stages of fertility through birth counseling, dance classes, radical women's circles, and body literacy education.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for In-Person Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Rita Roy
Services Offered Technical Production
Organization/Company Physics For Show
Bio Specializes in special effects, stage construction, and education.
Available for Virtual Events
Available for Contract Work
Available for Collaboration

Name Rosalie Samples
Organization/Company Rosalie threaded fittings manufacturer Services
Name Linnea Sanders
Organization/Company Linnea koszulki piłkarski z nadrukiem Linnea Ltd
Name Catalina Saucier
Organization/Company Catalina Saucier Holding
Name Rudolf Schey
Organization/Company Schey & Rudolf CO KG
Name Claudia Serle
Organization/Company Claudia camlock fittings & Claudia GbR
Name Vicente Severance
Organization/Company Karmana 7 M LLC
Name Victoria Shand
Organization/Company Shand & Shand Consulting
Name Clemmie Shell
Organization/Company Shell & Clemmie Consulting
Name Deloras Shockley
Organization/Company Shockley LLC
Name Betsy Shumway
Organization/Company Shumway passione maglie calcio Betsy Holding
Name Guadalupe Sifuentes
Organization/Company Imggtops Sifuentes mbH
Name Dixie Sigler
Organization/Company Sigler & Dixie Solutions
Name Clinton Skillern
Organization/Company Skillern LLC
Name Kristofer Slagle
Organization/Company Ethereal Slagle Solutions
Name Camille Slowik
Organization/Company Slowik Camille Holding
Name Antonetta Soderlund
Organization/Company Antonetta Soderlund Consulting
Name Geneva Son
Organization/Company Geneva Holding
Name Octavia Sons
Organization/Company Octavia GmbH
Name Gail Spillman
Organization/Company Gail GbR
Name Milagro St Leon
Organization/Company Itshirtsonline maglie calcio bambino poco prezzo St Leon GbR
Name Terrence Stamps
Organization/Company Terrence Stamps Solutions
Name Cathern Stapleton
Organization/Company Cathern & Stapleton Services
Name Karma Stearns
Organization/Company Castermetal Karma Services
Name Jasmin Steinke
Organization/Company Jasmin camiseta futbol niño & Steinke LLC
Name Lesley Stiltner
Organization/Company Bettingsitebitcoin oan't & Stiltner Services
Name Claude Stockton
Organization/Company Stockton fotballdrakter eget trykk Claude Consulting
Name Rob Stratton
Organization/Company Inoxcamlockfittings & Stratton Consulting
Name Ahmad Straub
Organization/Company Rhibusbar copper shunt & Straub Holding
Name Logan Stroud
Organization/Company Shunchengvalve Stroud LLC
Name Seyyide Sultan
Services Offered

Organization/Company Belly Dance with Seyyide

Seyyide Sultan has been a teacher, choreographer and performer of Egyptian Raks Sharqi (“belly dance”) for 19 years.

Seyyide is the founder, artistic director, choreographer and manager of Sarab-Mirage Dance Company, and has received grants from Arlington Cultural Council (an agency depending on Massachusetts Cultural Council) in 2017 and 2018, to present Middle Eastern dance performances on stage. The result has been producing, directing, choreographing and performed for oriental dance staged shows: “Helwa! From Cairo to Boston” (2017) and “Dreaming of Arabia” (2018). Seyyide is also a sough after teacher offering group and individual classes, coaching and workshops at the regional and national level. In 2020, she moved all her classes to the Zoom platform, and she’s teaching weekly live remote classes at all levels.

Available for Virtual Events

Name Edith Sutton
Organization/Company Edith Consulting
Name Clair Sweet
Organization/Company Sweet CO KG
Name Cedric Sylvia
Organization/Company Sylvia herve Leger inspired dresses & Sylvia Ltd
Name Merle Tavares
Organization/Company Articlegeneratorsoftware kelno Tavares LLC
Name Claribel Tepper
Organization/Company Comebuying & Claribel GbR
Name Klaudia Theriault
Organization/Company Shunchengvalve Y-Strainer Fittings Theriault CO KG
Name Deloras Tinker
Organization/Company Castermetal Deloras Solutions
Name Natalia Tipton
Organization/Company Phonepartsfactory & Natalia AG
Name Trista Tomlinson
Organization/Company Tomlinson Tomlinson GbR
Name Lee Torgerson
Organization/Company Lee & Lee CO KG
Name Patti Treacy
Organization/Company Treacy & Treacy LLC
Name Royce Trickett
Organization/Company Trickett Services
Name Hilario Truman
Organization/Company Hilario créer maillot de foot pour club Truman Ltd
Name Maira Tuttle
Organization/Company Tuttle AG
Name Derick Urbina
Organization/Company Urbina Urbina Services
Name Rose Vardon
Organization/Company Vardon & Rose LLC
Name Norine Vennard
Organization/Company Norine rigid GbR
Name Stephaine Viles
Organization/Company Viles crystal awards & Viles GbR
Name Nick Vincent
Organization/Company Miyuecrystal glass awards Nick Consulting
Name Rhoda Viney
Organization/Company Rhoda bauer couplings & Rhoda GbR
Name Magda Vogel
Organization/Company Magda billig fodboldtrøjer & Vogel CO KG
Name Wyatt Walch
Organization/Company Castermetal Sand Casting Manufacturers AG
Name Tami Washburn
Organization/Company Tonegnome Washburn Holding
Name Rachel Washington
Organization/Company Rachel Washington GmbH
Name Blanca Watsford
Organization/Company Blanca & Watsford GmbH
Name Florence Wearne
Organization/Company Wearne vendita maglie calcio Consulting
Name Romeo Wehner
Organization/Company Wehner & Romeo Services
Name Joy Weymouth
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Name Mildred Whitman
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Name Michael Winward
Services Offered Offers American style ballroom dance instruction; gender neutral approach, with acknowledgement of the time and place of origin for each dance style.

J Michael Winward is an independent dance artist based in Boston. With influences in American-style ballroom, ballet, contemporary and somatic dance practices, his work places a strong focus on building connection: connection to one’s body, one’s self, one’s audience, connection between dance partners, connection within and across communities. His solo performances blend movement and memoir, and deal with a variety of topics, including: coming of age, institutional injustice, and the politics of being oneself. Through the Steps in Time® program, Michael brings social ballroom dance classes and parties to independent/assisted living and memory care communities throughout Greater Boston. Dancing with Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion (PDM), Michael works to advance the PDM mission of cultivating dance/arts literacy, advocacy and engagement. Along with Maggie Cee, Michael produces Dancing Queerly, a festival of performances, workshops, discussions, and social dance gatherings by and for the LGBT+ community, friends, and allies. 

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