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Radical Route focuses on educating, empowering, and providing for our audience. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between African & African Diaspora cultures. We are creating a platform that would represent a safe place for all different cultures. We hope that giving exposure to different minority cultures will help erase the stereotypes that construct our society, by making something unfamiliar no longer be a bad thing. This exposure will also help other minorities begin to see the beauty behind having a similar struggle, which comes with the power of unity. We hope for people to be able to turn to Radical for help of any kind. We understand that there are different avenues of interest for individuals. Therefore, we make sure to continue to create alternative routes as ways of inspiration for our fellow Radicals. Our Radical Routes’ consist of clothing, dancing, art, and Radical Brand Partnerships (RBP). Through these different routes we plan to continue to find creative ways to provide exposure of different cultures to our audience. Whether that is a dance collaboration with people of different cultures, artwork in other languages, clothing partnerships with different black businesses, or teaching people how to garden in their own backyard, all have the same purpose which is to educate, empower, and provide for our Radicals.

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Services Offered

We offer dance classes that focus on different African Diaspora cultures.


Available for Virtual Events, Available for In-Person Events, Available for Collaboration

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Within Public Transportation – Boston, Within 20 mi. of Boston, Within 50 mi of Boston, RI